Lava Shell Massage Training - Expand your massage offer

Would you like to learn LavaShell Massage personally? We cooperate with several schools that will train you in the art of Lava Shell Massage. For prices and dates please contact the schools themselves.

You can attend these training courses


Why I chose the LavaShells is quite simple to answer: I wanted to add something with "heat" to my massage offerings, however, I wanted to offer something other than hot stone. While searching, I came across the LavaShells; not only are they a perfect fit for my beauty studio, but I don't need electricity and can use them virtually anywhere.
It is important to me that I do a training for all the treatments I offer; there you learn not only how to use the shells, but also tips and tricks. In general, I would recommend a training to anyone who wants to use the LavaShells to learn how to use them properly.
For me, the LavaShell massage is a perfect complement to the other massages; especially between fall and spring. For my clients it is a special and above all a slightly different massage.
For those who already offer massages, I can only recommend this type and form of massage; on the one hand for the reasons mentioned above, but also because it is a natural product and you don't need any unnecessary additional equipment; so also perfect if you have a space problem. Katja Mager from Katjas Beauty Island



Jocowell GbR
Massage and Wellness Institute
Jolanta Weber & Susanne Gottmer
Hamburger Street 2-6
22946 Grande
Tel. 04154-793499
Fax 04154 842172

Andreas Schön
Haus der Sinne Boltenhagen
August-Bebel-Str. 26
23946 Boltenhagen
Tel.: 0174 7938076
Facebock: Haus der Sinne Boltenhagen

Hawaiian Spirit Christin Ohmsen®
25451 Quickborn near Hamburg
Phone: 04106/72285 and 0175 5846921
Göldenitz Wellness Centre

Iris Lembke
Massage & Wellness Therapist
04544 / 80 84 82

Vitametics & Wellness Practice "Your Moment
Barghorner Str. 35
26939 Ovelgönne
Tel. 04483-9326824


Beauty Fitmacher School
Mrs. Claudia Herda
Diebrockerstrasse 334
32051 Herford
Tel./Fax . 05221/1789945
Mobile: 0151/15713015


Heike Maldener
Kosmetik & Fusspflege
Bahnhofstrasse 7
66640 Namborn
Tel.06851 9744974

Wellness am Wald
Christine Ruppert
Hauptstraße 89
D-69509 Mörlenbach - Weiher
01 76/ 70 70 80 78 oder 06209/2092111


Katja Barth
Heilpraktikerin und Yogalehrerin
Trollingerweg 14
71729 Erdmannhausen
Tel. 0172 3618105

Medo-Med Massage School
Rene Reinhardt
Friedhofstr. 26
74177 Bad Friedrichshall
Tel.: 07136/9629678



The difference to the LavaShell / LavaHotStone massage is that with the LomiShell only one shell or LavaStone is used and techniques from the Lomi Lomi massage are combined with the warmth of the shell. Previous knowledge of LavaShell/Stone massage is not necessary. This training is perfect for users of LavaShells/Stones who want to learn a new massage technique and massage strokes with the shells, but also for users who have no previous experience with LavaShells/Stones.   

The LomiShell/Stone massage is an incomparable full body massage and lasts 70 minutes. The alternation of the warmth of the shell/stone and intensive Lomi Lomi grips make this treatment a special one that feels gentle and flowing. It stimulates the circulation and muscle tension can be released. It brings about the deepest relaxation and promotes the highest relaxation of the myofascial tissue. It is a touch of body, mind and soul - exotic scents open our senses to our inner being and cause a deep feeling of well-being.

The LomiShell/Stone training lasts one day (previous massage experience is required). Individual and in-house trainings are also possible. Please contact our training partners directly for dates and prices.

Postcode 2

Hawaiian Spirit Christin Ohmsen® - next seminar 19.09.2023
25451 Quickborn near Hamburg
Phone: 04106/72285 and 0175 5846921

Postcode 6

Heike Maldener
Kosmetik & Fusspflege
Bahnhofstrasse 7
66640 Namborn
Tel.06851 9744974

Postcode 7

Katja Barth
Heilpraktikerin und Yogalehrerin
Trollingerweg 14
71729 Erdmannhausen
Tel. 0172 3618105

LavaShell® Training

With a LavaShells® massage you offer your clients a unique heat massage with self-heating clams.
These are ideal massage tools and take the strain off your hands. LavaShell® massages are offered at leading wellness resorts. The self-heating technology keeps the shells warm for over an hour - 10-12 times longer than traditional hot stones.

Not found a Lava Shell Massage School near you?

We have created Lava Shell Massage starter kits for you. All kits contain a detailed list of massage strokes and the concept and can be learned by self-study.

This requires massage experience and some practice. You can also book training directly at your institute, some training partners will also come to you. Please contact your Pacific Spirit Team on 02962 977855 or kontakt(at) for more information.

Become a training partner

Want to become a training partner yourself? Contact us!