ThermaHerbal self-heating poultice

ThermaHerbal self-heating poultice
ThermaHerbal self-heating poultice – activation only with warm water

Herbal stamp application is a very ancient and traditional treatment in Asia. This warm and luxurious treatment can provide many benefits and evokes deep relaxation. Stress and fatigue are relieved. Enhance your reflexology with the valuable and beneficial properties of aromatherapy, herbal and heat therapy.


- The warmth and aromatic properties of herbs can relieve tension.
- Beneficial scents of herbal stamps facilitate breathing and relax the mind.
- The heat promotes blood circulation.
- The selected herbs stimulate the sen lines.
- Relaxation for body-mind and soul at the highest level.
- You only need 1 or 2 stamps per treatment.
- The annoying changing and reheating of the stamps in the warmer is not necessary.
- You can concentrate completely on your guest.
- The herbal stamps are ready for immediate use, perfect for the institute and for mobile applications.

Please view this short movie to convince yourself of the herbal poultice:

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