Sleepion 3

Sleepion 3

Sleepion 3 – deep relaxation and recreative moments with sleepion

A combination of scent, light and music / natural sounds offers deep relaxation. Perfect for the mobile massage or in the institute. Offer your guest deep relaxation and choose between 15 different compositions which last 45 minutes. Sound sample.

Recreative sleep is extremely important to be fit and efficient. For many people it is often difficult to fall asleep or to relax. Sleepion is not only developed for a good night sleep, but also for the relaxation and recreation during the day and for supporting the concentration.
15 different compositions are distributed perfectly through the room because of the 360 degree loud speaker. Sound sample.

Sleepion 3 - black
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Sleepion is perfect for deep relaxation and therefore perfect for the massage. It is also ideal for the daily usage at home. Babies love the gentle sounds and tones of sleepion and fall asleep easily.

Experts from the sleep research
Sleepion was developed in cooperation with the renowned sleep researcher Dr. Norinaga Shimizu, emeritus professor of Sosak Perfecture University. Dr. Norinaga Shimizu studied sleep and health for over 30 years. A good sleep helps to retain the health and beauty. The idea was to create a product which helps the people to sleep better. All in all, seven experts from different research areas have helped to develop sleepion. In December 2015 the first sleepion was launched. It was the first product worldwide in this area which combined light, sound and scents.

During sleep the brain and body are regenerated. Sleepion supports the daily rest by focusing on three senses: the hearing, the seeing and the smelling.

The gently shining light evokes candle light and takes away the darkness from the room.

The aroma ring in different natural scents has been developed specially to promote sleep. The scent lavender, geranium and benzoe have a direct influence on sleep and relaxation.

Sounds of nature help relaxation and to fall asleep. Audio Impulses have a sleep promoting effect.

15 different compositions are perfectly distributed through a 360-degree loud speaker throughout the room. Sound sample.

Sleepion has a powerful rechargeable battery and can be used flexibly. If you do not use sleepion for relaxation or to fall asleep then the product can be used as a blue tooth loud speaker.

-    Inclusive aroma rings (10) in 3 scents (lavender, benzoe, geranium), USB-Mikro Kabel, AC adapter, battery holder, instruction
-    Performance: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.35 A
-    Output power: 5.0 V d.c 2000mA
-    Battery; 3350mAh/3.6V (12.06Wh)
-    Battery time: approx. 45 minutes
-    Dimension (only the main part): 90 x 90 x 150 mm (3.5x3.5x5.9“)
-    Weight (only the main part): 200g (7.1 oz)